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Welcome to Light Hearts! My name is Elisabeth Hallett; I'm a writer* and a mother. In these pages, you can wander down intriguing paths and discover some of the wonders hidden in everyday life. The main focus at present is on Pre-Birth Communication, Soul Memory, and other mysteries of our being. I hope you will visit often, and join in exploring "the unknown possibilities of existence."

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The main sections of the website are:

Pre-Birth Communication, with  Articles, your Letters, media Clippings, and a Treasury of resources

Postpartum Rainbow . . . It's More Than the Blues. An interactive project, sharing insights and experiences to expand our understanding of the postpartum/bonding time.

You can also dip into the following books:

Stories of the Unborn Soul

The mystery and delight of Pre-Birth Communication

    A collection of the most illuminating stories of 
soul contact ~
    Click on the cover to learn more!

Or go direct to an Excerpt from Chapter I, "The Shiver Sign"




 Soul Trek:  Meeting Our Children on the Way to Birth

The first in-depth study of an exciting phenomenon ~ contact and communication from children before birth, and even before conception. Click on the cover to enjoy the Introduction, browse reviews and comments from readers, view the Table of Contents and sample a chapter.


In the Newborn Year
Our Changing Awareness After Childbirth

Reveals the surprising experiences of the postpartum period ~ from transformed senses to spiritual awakenings. The cover takes you to more information and excerpts.



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